I am Samir Benzammour, a computer science student from Germany, nice to meet you! I graduated from high school in 2017 and, as you might have noticed, I am currently enrolled at the RWTH, so currently most of my time is occupied with courses. I'm sure some of you will feel my pain with this, however, in my opinion it's quite worth it due to the fact that I'm learning a lot through all of this. I'm trying to spend most of my free time programming and reading, but I also enjoy the occasional movie from time to time.

About the programming part, I'm not really specialized in one area/language, so I mostly create whatever I want - or whatever I need. Those are mostly little scripts that help me automate my workflow, or a few bigger projects that test my abilities to plan and execute projects with a little bit more thought behind them. More about that is coming soon in a dedicated project section.

Regarding the books, I managed to replace my Netflix/YouTube addiction with reading - which enabled me to read a whole lot more than in the previous months. I mostly enjoy reading nonfiction (psychology, socialeconomics, selfimprovement, ...) but also a bunch of fantasy to relax at night. You can find me on GoodReads to see what I'm currently reading/planning to read.