hello world.

Hello world. In this blog post I wanted to talk about the things that will appear on this website, so i guess the introduction fits quite well because this will be the first, basic blogpost in this section.

Talking about the content occuring on this website, I will add, rearrange and remove certain things from time to time according to my current situation in life. Currently this website covers some of my university work (that I can share), my competetive programming submissions aswell as this blog.

I might add a few things here and there in the future but the only thing I’m currently settled on implementing is a project tab in order to display all of my past/current/future projects. I gotta see how I will integrate my Git Account(s) into this website or find some kind of compromise. Until then you can visit this link in order to see all of the coding related projects that I can share at the moment.
Regarding the competetive programming part - I might merge the LeetCode and HackerRank sections into one due to the fact that they are quite similar to each other, but I gotta see about that aswell.

As you can see most of my plans for this website are ongoing and also evolving, so if you have any suggestions/wishes on what should appear on here feel free to contact me by mail, twitter or instagram.

Thanks for reading so far, have a good one.